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Brown Dog Tick Pest Control Services

This is one of the most widely distributed ticks in the world. All life stages of ticks feed on dog. The adult commonly attach to the ears and between the toes and the larvae and nymphs are found in hair along the back. When individual of each feeding stage become fully engorged they drop from the host and seek some protected situation in the immediate surroundings.

Adult males are flat about1/8 inch long, and uniformly red brown, with tiny pits scattered over the back. They do not enlarge upon feeding as female do. Before feeding, the adult female resemble the males in size, shape and color. As they feed, females become engorged and swell. The legs, mouthparts and shield area behind the head remain red-brown, but the enlarged portion of body becomes gray-blue to olive. Egg laying begins about three days after the engorged female drops from the dog. She may deposit as many as 5000 eggs in places such as in between boards, under plaster, or carpeting or in other cracks and crevices. The eggs usually hatch in about three weeks in favorable conditions. The larvae feed for about three days and drop off. Molting occurs about one week after the blood meal; nymphs emerge to climb vertical surfaces to again wait for host. In this way feeding and moulting to next stage goes on.


• Adult male do not enlarge upon feeding as the female do.
• After hatching, the larvae can wait up to eight months for suitable host.
• Blood meal is essential before moulting to next instars.
• Adults can live up to 18 months without feeding, but they must feed before mating.


• Keep grass and weeds cut short in tick infested areas.
• Examine and groom the pet regularly and clean their beds frequently.


Vacuuming plays a very important role in the flea control process. A thorough vacuuming shall remove many of the eggs, larvae and adults.

• Areas of Tick infestations shall be treated with suitable acaricide.
• Shrubbery up to the height of 3 feet shall be sprayed.

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