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Powderpost Beetles Control Services

Larval stage of this pest is damaging. They infest seasoned wood (sapwood only) being completely riddled with holes, galleries and packed with wood dust or frass. Pin hole opening are called shot holes. The first evidence of infestation is usually piles of very fine sawdust on or beneath the wood and small holes on the wood surface.

True Powderpost Beetles (Lyctidae)

Female lays eggs in the pore of hard wood, containing more than 3% starch. Lyctids can complete a life cycle in one spring and summer season if temperature, wood starch content and moisture conditions are good.

The beetle is specific to hard woods can easily be identified by last pair of spiracles, which are much larger than others. The body is somewhat flattened and the head is distinctly visible from above. Lyctid damage is characterized .by presence of extremely fine flour like powder falling from surface holes.

Deathwatch Beetles (Anobiidae)

Female prefer to lay eggs on mostly rough surfaced hard wood that is 2 to 5 years old. First stage larva bore in the direction of the wood grain.Larvae stop or reduce feeding in response to low winter. Full grown larvae tunnel close to the surface and prepare a pupal chamber. Adults do not feed and are nocturnal. The life cycle is 1 to 5 years. Anobiid beetles occur outdoors in dead wood; they enter houses from outdoor infestations and spread to unfinished wood indoor. Anobiid beetle frass has a gritty texture, somewhat loose and easily dislodged from galleries.


• Painted or varnished woods are less attractive to wood borer beetle.
• Do not stack wood up against the house or garage.


GEPCS provides an annual management service done every 3 months. We use special syringes to inject wood preventing chemical into the holes to combat the woodborer infestations. We also spray petroleum based chemicals to prevent further damage.

If a week or so after the treatment fresh powder is seen, treatment is repeated.

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