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Cat fleas are more commonly found species around homes. Fleas are pests of human and their domestic animals all over the world. Fleas are small and wingless insects, having narrow body. Adult fleas have piercing and sucking mouth parts to penetrate the skin of the host. Their long powerful legs permit them to jump as high as 8 in. vertically. Fleas undergo a complete metamorphosis. Flea larvae require 50% relative humidity or greater for survival.

They survive best outdoors in shady, moist areas during warm months in moderate climates. Indoors, they do best in protected areas, such as within carpet fibers, beneath cushions of upholstered furniture, cracks in wood floors or pet bedding. A typical skin reaction to flea bites on human is a formation of small, hard, red, itchy and slightly raised spot. A single puncture point is apparent in the center of the spot.


• Cat flea larvae feed on organic matter.
• The entire life cycle of cat flea is completed in 21-28 days.
• They usually bite on human on ankles. A single flea inflict characteristic multiple bites in a row.
• The adult fleas are capable of jumping upward and outward at least 12 inches..


Vacuuming plays a very important role in the flea control process. A thorough vacuuming shall remove many of the eggs, larvae and adults.

• Insect Growth Regulators, a chitin inhibitor is added in the diet of a dog or cat.
• Juvenoid IGR applied on- host, such as sprays, shampoos and spot–on.
• All possible harborage areas such as carpets, other floor areas, pet resting areas and upholstered furniture are treated.

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