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Weeds are plants that are undesirable to human activity at a particular time and place. They therefore interfere with our activities; be it a crop field, public amenity areas, industrial establishments, aquatic ecosystem, and grasslands. The definition given by the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) hence appears apt, “Any plant that is objectionable or interferes with activities and welfare of man”.

They adapt well to local climates, soils and other external conditions and compete successfully with cultivated plants for available resources. Seeds of some weeds lie dormant in the soil for extended periods, sometimes 20 or more years.

Technically weed control means suppression of weed population to economic threshold level. Our experience at field level reveals that the traditional methods of mechanical and manual de-weeding does not help in keeping the weed population under control but calls for recurring increased expenses for years. However effective and result oriented weed control or prevention of weed depends on the knowledge of the biology of weeds and selection of strategy based on experience, life cycle and reproductive capabilities of weeds.

Types of weeds;

Weeds are broadly divided into three;

Grasses (monocots) – The grassy weeds are narrow leaved. Cross section of Stem is round.
Broad leaf weed (dicots) - Weeds have broad leaves, stem is round.
Sedges- They are narrow leaved, stem is triangular.


Management of weeds around structures is an important part of structural pest control program. Weeds harbor structural pests such as mice and rats, ants, spiders and other seasonal pests and they may interfere with the use of structures. Pollens of certain weeds and ornamental plants bother people who suffer with allergies.

Herbicides are the most successful weed control technology ever developed as they are selective, cost effective, fairly easy to apply, have persistence that can be managed , and offer flexibility in application time. They are eco- friendly if applied at proper dose, method and time.

Time of application of Herbicides

The time of application of herbicides mostly depends on a type of herbicide, biology of crop/weeds and weather conditions. The time of application may be Pre-sowing, Pre-emergence application, post emergence application,


We at GEPCS are trained in Advance Weed Management from National Research Centre for Weed Science, Jabalpur, M.P. We know that a single method of weed control does not manage all the weeds efficiently, hence a integrated approach of weed control by combining different methods in a systemic manner is most effective to control the weeds

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