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Bed bugs are well known annoying and biting pest found in human dwellings. They feed on human blood and usually bite when people are sleeping. In most people, the bites cause red welts and itching that can last for several days. So Bed bug bites often lead to emotional anguish and sleeplessness. There have been no evidences that they could be effective or competent vectors of human disease.


Female lays 1-5 eggs per day in batches. They will lay approximately 200 eggs. Eggs will hatch within 10 days Nymphs emerge from eggs and pass through 5 growth stages before becoming adult. Actual development time depends upon temperature. Under normal conditions female bugs live for about 315 days Humans are preferred host of bed bugs and they tend to feed on any bare skin that is exposed .Although bite of bed bug is painless, many people develop an allergic reaction to the saliva injected by the bug as it feeds. The principal medical concern is limited to itching and secondary infections from scratching.


Bed bugs are efficient hitch hikers and easily transported once introduced, they often spread throughout the building. They harbor in cracks and crevices, seams in mattresses, joint gaps in bed frames, under loose wall paper, behind picture frames, inside furniture and upholstery, within pleats of curtains, in corner of desks. Bedbugs tend to live in groups in hiding places and can fit into spaces about the width of a credit card. Bed bugs have been found in vehicles such as boats, trains, buses, airplanes, movie theaters etc. Presently most infestations are encountered in hotels, guest houses, youth hostels, shelters, dormitories, garment factories etc.

Sign of infestation

Presence of musty sweetish odor in case of heavy infestation, blood spots on mattresses. Pillows, bed sheets, black tarry residues of excreted blood spots, biting evidences, swelling of skin are all signs of infestations.


• Components in bedbug saliva act as anesthetic and promote increased blood flow at the bite site, making the feeding process quick and nearly painless.
• Females need to feed on blood before laying each batch of eggs.
• Female can survive up to 550 days, if host is not available.
• Bed bugs can detect human hosts from as far away as 5 feet.
• The life cycle time from egg to egg may be between 45 and 60 days
• A well fed female is capable of laying 500 eggs in her life time.
• Bed bugs can detect human hosts from as far away as 5 feet.
• Male and female adult usually feed every 3-4 days and become engorged in about 10-15 minutes.
• Many bed bug infestations are established from 1-2 individuals.


• Inspect beddings for bedbug skins and blood spots.
• Change linen often.
• Inspect rooms for bedbugs, when travelling.
• Do not set the luggage on floor or on bed when traveling.
• Inspect luggage, clothing, and linens, when you return from travelling.
• Inspect second hand furniture before bringing it into your home.
• Seek the help of a professional pest control service provider to address the problem.


At GEPCS treatment for bed bug removal involves non-chemical methods such as steaming, vacuuming, and chemical treatment with non-repellent insecticides, as we want the bedbugs to rest upon treated harborage and die, rather than being repelled by pyrethroid residues and scatter to other areas.

All potential infestation areas are treated twice a year and secondary initiation areas are treated annually. Annual service involves two visits from our trained technician. If pest returns between the treatments during the contract period, your GEPCS man will return with no extra charge.

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