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Reticulation System / Piping System for Termite Control

Reticulation Networking at Plinth Beam Level

It is modern way of termite treatment through piping method and also known as reticulation system. A revolutionary system, designed effectively to avoid termite entry in the structure. This latest technology is designed for Pre-constructional Termite treatment, to effectively treat the structure before the flooring is done. It involves lying of special flexible, continuously perforated 16 mm diameter pipe along the internal and the external periphery of the building along the side of the wall. This perforated pipe has emitters fabricated in them that allow uniform distribution of chemical emulsion under the flooring. These emitters distribute chemical at pre calculated rate, and reduces the risk of any area being untreated.

Termite Junction Box at External Wall

We offer Anti Termite Treatment Services to our clients for their homes, office and other buildings. Continuous use of perforated porous pipes ensures no debris; clay or concrete will block the pipe, making it ineffective. The pipe structure pushes the substrate aside and prevents chocking. Chemical emulsion in this porous pipes should be topped up every three to five years in order to maintain their effectiveness

Advantages of Porous Piping Treatment

• No drilling of holes in floor to inject termite chemical is required for future operation.
• No pungent smell of the termite chemical is released in the premises.
• No exposure of insecticides to occupants of the building.
• No risk to damage the costly tiles, electrical wiring, tap water pipe lines, wooden flooring or wooden fixtures during future treatment by drilling holes.
• No debris, stains, discolouring or marks on the costly floors and rubbish cleaning is required.
• Here, there is even distribution of chemical unlike conventional method.
• Refilling Points / Junction boxes are installed along the external wall the building, which will enable the filling of chemicals from outside without causing any disturbance to the occupants.
• As a matter of fact termite infestation is noticed only when the damage is already done to the structure, wood. Thus one can avoid the damage simply by periodical infusion of chemical.
• The pesticide filled through the Refilling Points will spread in the Entire area and will protect the structure and articles from termites.
• Tiresome work of removing the furniture in the area is not required

Scope of Works

• Inner Periphery Pipe Installation.
• External periphery Pipe installation..
• Creating Refilling Points / Junction Boxes..
• One time chemical filling / refilling.

Recharging of Porous Piping System

The system must be recharged @ 2.25 lit. per sq. mtr. of the Horizontal surface area. This must be repeated every 3-5 years to give ongoing protection against termite entry to your home. However regular termite inspections are recommended.

Management System.

Your approved map along with the site inspection will help us to draw a rough sketch for laying piping network just to ensure minimal interference with other building procedures. Once the plan and estimate is approved, we set date for start of installation and end date for procedure. After laying down the pipe, testing is done before the owner in order to verify the even distribution of the liquid along the pipes. Once the job is complete and the system is recharged with the chemical, we hand over the site network plan to the customer for his future reference.

After testing on our system it has been proved that over a 30 metre distance there is a complete and uniform distribution of chemical emulsion along with the entire length of a single line system. No other Anti- termite treatment method can match these results. This system has been designed robustly to achieve a minimum Service Life of over 35 years. What more, this entire job of floor networking, installation and testing is done by our trained and experienced team of technicians who have specially been trained for this job. The reticulation system does cost a little more to install however, it certainly saves that money and more at future treatments.

You can call us for free inspection at your site. To find out more about our Reticulation System please feel free to contact us, and speak to one of our termite specialists on 9412035010.

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