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Sanitization Disinfection Services

GREEN EARTH PEST CONTROL SERVICES also provides Sanitization/ Disinfection Service to both residential and businesses. The primary use of disinfectants is to eliminate or greatly reduce the Microbial Pathogens and thus to prevent the transmission of disease. As amatter of fact Sanitization and Disinfection services are natural extension of Pest Control Services.

These are microscopic organisms found everywhere including air, both solid and liquid surfaces, outside and inside the body of the animals and plants, objects, household items etc. most of the microorganisms are harmless but some cause fatal disease, if not treated. At present COVID-19 is a deadly disease caused by Corona Virus.

Microbial pathogens are classified as Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungi, Algae, and Viruses, They spread disease in animals and plants as well. The most commonly spread diseases in human beings by Microbial Pathogens are:

  • BACTERIA- Cholera, Tuberculosis, Tetanus, Typhoid, Leprosy etc.
  • VIRUSES- Coronavirus, Influenza, AIDS, Polio, Avian Influenza. Hepatitis etc.
  • PROTOZOA- Malaria, Kala-azar, Diarrhoea, Sleeping Sickness etc.
  • These microorganisms are controlled by Sanitization, Disinfectants and Sterilisation.

    The most pathogens can survive or persist on surfaces months and can thereby be a continuous source of transmission, if no regular preventive disinfection is performed.


    CLEANING:It refers to removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from a surface or an object. Cleaning does not kill the germs but by removing them, it lowers their number and risk of spreading infection. It can be done by simply using any detergents.

    SANITIZATION:This is the process to reduce, not to kill, the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level.

    DISINFECTION:Disinfection service is a surface treatment of hard surfaces commonly touched by humans/animals against microbes. Disinfection is the process of destroying harmful pathogens in their vegetative state and reducing number of microbes to the level that they no longer poses a threat to human health. It is also a fact that “No cleaning and disinfection protocol is perfect”, however by taking the appropriate measures, one can reduce the probability of microbe spread like Corona virus.

    STERILIZATION:It is the process of destroying all forms of microbial life from a given product or a surface either in vegetative or spore state. Sanitization method is used for food, medicine and surgical instruments. This can be done by chemical or physical methods.

    About COVID -19

    The outbreak of COVID-19 is an acute respiratory disease caused by novel Coronavirus transmitted in most instances through respiratory droplets, direct contact with cases and also through contaminated surfaces and objects. Though the virus survives on the environmental surfaces for a varied period of time, it gets easily deactivated by chemical disinfectants.


    We know this Virus not only cause the death but cripple the economies also. In present situation Disinfection, Barriers & Social Distancing are two major remedies for preventing the spread of microorganisms. To help your business maintain a safe, clean workplace, GEPCS-Sanitizing / Disinfection Service with latest technology can provide powerful protection from COVID-19, and other types of viruses, and bacteria. We can help to ensure that your family members, employees, visitors, and anyone who comes to your place of business is entering into a disinfected environment.

    DISINFECTANTS USED: We apply environmentally safe Chemicals approved by Government of India, like Sodium Hypochlorite, Quaternary Ammonium Compound or Activated Hydrogen Peroxide of premium companies


    We offer safer environment for your family, employees, visitors & customers by disinfection treatments for Households, Schools, Churches, Medical Facilities, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Malls, Gyms and many more types of locations. Cleaning and disinfection efforts are mainly targeted to frequently touched and contaminated surfaces/ objects. We customize our services to meet specific needs of our customers.

    In home sanitizing services, overall sanitization and disinfection of entire house will be done including all furniture, and rooms.

    OFFICE SANITIZING / DISINFECTION SERVICE:We also provide office sanitizing and disinfection services. In the process of office disinfection. We will sanitize workplace including desks, furniture, electronics, computers, etc.

    OUTDOOR AREAS:Outdoor areas have less risk than indoor areas due to air currents and exposure to sunlight. These include Bus Stops, Railway Platforms, Parks, and Roads etc.


    • We know the biology of microbes.
    • We use High Tech Machines and Eco-friendly approved Chemicals / Disinfectants.
    • Disinfection treatment is effective of killing 11 types of viruses and 54 types of bacteria including human Corona Virus.
    • No cleaning or wiping of the sanitized surface is required after the treatment.
    • Our trained & expert team members take all precautions and sanitize themselves before and after every treatment.
    • We don’t use public transport for a local commute. We provide our team their own sanitized vehicle.
    • We choose machines according to the surfaces to be treated along with ULV fogging machine to reach every corner.
    • Our team is equipped with PPE.


    Our reasonable charges for the treatment depends upon the type of Disinfectant being applied and the area of the facility.

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